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ERS delivered the following results:

1) When the S&P Rose:
From 12/31/1988 through 8/31/2019, the S&P rose

in 226 out of 309  5-year periods; its average gain was 77.3%.
In those 226 periods, ERS’s portfolios’ average gain was 110.6%. 

2) When the S&P Fell:
From 12/31/1988 through 8/31/2019, the S&P fell

in 83 out of 309 5-year periods; its average decline was -11.7%.
ERS’s portfolios rose in 82 of the 83 periods, an average of 32.4%.

3) Over all 309 periods:
The average gain, in all 309 periods, for the S&P was 53.4%.

Overall, the average gain for ERS’s portfolios was 89.6%.

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