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Enduring Portfolios™
for Financial Institutions 

Opportunity for New Competitive Growth

The opportunity for you is to have products with market beating returns.

 Drive sales and profits, leapfrogging your current peers

and experience unprecedented growth.


ERS spent nine years developing computerized methodologies that define, measure, quantify and rate the strength, durability, and resiliency of a company’s financial condition and identifies when it is weakening.

ERS's ratings discriminate between companies with a greater probability of appreciating from those that are less likely to appreciate over a wide set of time periods and market conditions.

Taken as a whole, ERS’s set of equity risk measures allow us to identify and invest in well managed companies that are selling at a price that allows room for appreciation.


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This analysis covers the period from 12/31/1988 to 6/30/2021 and
examines 367 two-year hold periods, selected monthly, and a total of 330,093 stocks.

Enduring Portfolios™ utilize ERS’s risk measures
to drive portfolio management decisions

ERS’s Enduring Portfolios™ are equity portfolios which use ERS’s proprietary risk ratings to direct trading activity based on parameters agreed to by a partnering financial institution.

  • In a 23-year backtest, Enduring Portfolios™ bested the S&P 500, generating 23.0%* annualized returns vs the S&P's 6.2% and an ending value 29* times that of a passive S&P investment

  • Until now, the only tools available to help portfolio managers were sub-par and did not enable managers to consistently outperform the S&P 500

  • Existing tools are now obsolete.

*Equity Risk Sciences’ hypothetical backtested examples are provided as illustrative examples only and do not represent the performance of actual client portfolios. No fees or transaction costs were included in this study.

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Partner with ERS

  • ERS is currently seeking companies to partner with to create a family of products based on ERS's  custom Enduring Portfolios™ 

  • Grow your revenue at a faster rate than you thought possible

  • Be proud of offering, objectively, some of the strongest products in your marketplace

  • Your new products will be truly differentiated by rate of return from your competitor’s products

  • Attract the very best sales people in the industry 


Next Steps

  • We are prepared to provide you with sufficient evidence of the efficacy of our products to allow you to partner with us confidently

  • We will explain what the risk ratings are, what they are based on, and what they do for us

  • We will also explain the basis of our performance claims

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