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For Your Own Good

If you do not sell your holdings today, when will you sell them?Do you know if your stocks have a greater probability of rising than their probability of falling?How do you KNOW that?How do you measure RISK?Are you convinced by Wall Street salespeople (who will never tell you to sell, no matter how high the [...]

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10 Stocks At the Highs, 10 Stocks at the Lows

Many people believe things about stocks and the stock market that simply aren't true. For example, some people believe that the biggest, most expensive companies in America must also have the best, safest stocks. As it turns out, however, if you'd bought the biggest and "best" stocks near the top of the market, you'd [...]

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Hartford’s Finances Spotlight Property-Tax Quandary

Despite top property-tax rate in Connecticut, the state’s capital teeters on bankruptcy Hartford, Connecticut’s capital city and hub of the state’s insurance industry, is edging closer to joining a small club of American municipalities: those that have sought bankruptcy protection. The city’s​ ​$49.6 million budget hole and the impending departure of one of [...]

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Finding Safe Harbor

Wise up: There’s now far more risks than likely rewards!   By Raymond Mullaney   The stock market is very risky because it can fall 40% or more at any time. No one knows when crashes will occur, but there are times when markets are more likely to crash. Individual stocks are also very [...]

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Pooling and Fooling

By Abraham J Briloff Originally published in Barron's, October 23, 2000 Cisco Systems might well be dubbed Wall Street's New Economy Poster Child. No better illustration of investors' vast esteem is that they've graced the company with a cool $400 billion (it had been as high as $500 billion) market capitalization. However, Cisco might [...]

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