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Application Developer

Boston, MA

Equity Risk Sciences, Inc is seeking an Application Developer to help with the creation, maintenance and updating of our financial data analysis tools from our Boston, MA office. Candidates must be able to work on-site.


ERS is a big-data predictive analytics company performing investment risk research. We have spent several years developing technology to identify and measure the probability and magnitude of future stock price changes. We have a MySQL database containing over 10 billion data points, which connects to several online applications written in HTML, PHP and JavaScript. We also have a backtesting model written in Excel and VBA.


The results of our research are exceptional. However, our tools are inefficient, slow, complicated and hard to understand and interpret. We need help improving them. Our online applications take whole minutes to return their results, and running even a single backtest can take hours. To advance our research, we need to be able to test many ideas and theories quickly and efficiently. Eventually we will need to be able to automate testing of different iterations of our models.


The ideal candidate for this role is someone who can take the progress we have made so far and advance it further, either by making our existing tools more efficient or by re-writing them in a better language.

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