These charts will help you understand just how risky and dangerous investing can be. Before discussing the charts, I’ll share some thoughts from 42 years of investment experience. Because the market will rise and fall, a common-sense view of investing would conclude it is best to sell after the market rises and buy after it falls. In general, this is our focus. However, more precisely, we employ financial technology to measure investment risks. The financial technology we employ quantitatively and objectively distinguishes stocks at safer prices from those stocks where the risks of significant decline are greater. We are patient investors. When we cannot find safe stocks, we remain out of the market with some or much of your capital. To keep you safe, we follow our technology, not the crowds or the media.

We will miss some of the potential profit that the speculative wave of rising prices offers. See chart from 1990 – 2000. However, the losses you may sustain from entering the market at the wrong time may be unbearable! See charts from 1966 – 1982; 2000 – 2009; and Oct 2007 – Oct 2012.

Most investment advisors will tell you to buy and hold; that is good for them but not for you. Our proprietary financial technology informs us of what stocks to buy and at what prices. This discipline helps us avoid overpaying for stocks. Our technology is rational, not emotional. When others are selling in fear, our data analysis informs us when it is truly safe to invest and put aside fears. This technology also reliably measures risk, which greatly helps us avoid overpaying for stocks just because everybody else is excited about them.

We caution you; for that portion of your assets that you just cannot stand to lose, Sell Today.
– Ray Mullaney, August 28, 2018

At this time, for your “safe money”, we will invest only in the safest of short-term bonds, with no more than 15% to 20% of that money in the safest stocks we know of.

We will be confident, even enthusiastic, to invest your assets after the market falls. And it will fall; we don’t know when, but we’ll get you out of harm’s way.

Call us to schedule a no-obligation, educational and even enjoyable meeting in person. We’ll discuss your goals and how our methods may be just what you’re looking for.

Since 1900, every market rally has been followed by a market decline.

The current period of market growth began in March 2009 and has been ongoing since then for the last nine and a half years. Is it possible that this time, unlike every other time in recorded history, the market will continue to grow forever? And if not, when will it peak, and how much will it fall by when it does?

(As of December 28, 2018, the S&P 500 is already down -14.9% from its peak in September 2018. Will it fall further? Will you be prepared if it does?)