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ERS Business Benefits

Accelerate & Retain Client Growth

  • Most middle-class Americans need and would BUY a “safer” alternative approach than the “BUY & HOLD” investment strategy sold by all major investment companies.

  • New Safer Investment (a Fund or ETF) with a clear client-centered RISK and Value structure would win customers from most investment companies.

Streamline Stock Selections

  • By employing data sciences, exclusively, investment returns can be far less volatile, more consistent, and more rewarding, data science tools alone will significantly lower the costs of fund management.

  • Change the way you market and sell to investors with co-marketing programs.

Reduce Investment Losses

  • Data sciences, like actuarial science, it doesn't forecast “individual” certainty, it presents probabilities.

  • Probability science identifies average price changes of “groups” of stocks. This method is generally more dependable than predicting price changes of “individual” stocks.

Drive Efficiency & Lower Cost

  • ERS has solutions making it is possible to reliably measure, quantify and rate the Financial Condition of public companies.

  • It is possible to reliably measure and rate the probability of a stock’s price rising or falling.

  • Only, with dependable “Risk Ratings” can investors substantially reduce and avoid losses.

Improve Portfolios with More Profits

  • Resolute “Risk Ratings” provide investors with “safer” and more profitable investments than...

  • It is far more important, to investors, to reliably rate the probability and estimate how much a stock may fall than it is to estimate the probability of a stock prices rising less reliably.

Utilize Innovation & Stay Competitive

  • Investments utilizing ERS's data science to “pick stocks” will help drive competitiveness with ERS's Enduring Portfolios

  • ERS is committed to helping clients with the safest and surest roads, measured as objectively as we know how, to gaining financial security and  improving their financial well-being.                           ERS Founder           Raymond Mullaney


ERS can help make investing safer and more rewarding. Learn more today.

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